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Continuum Dance Co. is an organization for young professionals to continue their passion for dance and choreography. Each season, our roster of talented Company Choreographers develop unique pieces with their selected dancers, leading up to the bi-annual Continuum Dance Co. Showcase. Dance styles include, but are not limited to: Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern.



Spring Season: February to May
Fall Season: August to November

Each piece has a weekly one hour rehearsal in either Jersey City, New Jersey or Manhattan, New York.


At the end of each season, Continuum Dance Co. has two shows in New Jersey.

Our Season Four Showcase will take place November 23rd and 24th in Rahway, New Jersey

audition Registration.

Auditions for each Continuum Dance Co. piece take place the first week of the season. 
Choreographers will spend the first half of rehearsal teaching choreography, and the second half auditioning. Dancers will be notified within 48 hours if they have been selected for the piece. 

Audition Registration for Season Four is now open! (link below)

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